Collaborations & Writings 

My extensive experience as a relationship therapist has led me to partner with dating coach Monica Parikh of School of Love NYC. Together we have collaborated on a series of articles about dating, heartbreak, and relationships that are featured on personal development websites such as MindBodyGreen and The Good Men Project.

We are also currently offering group workshops and speaking engagements on these topics and building a catalog of e-guides, books, and courses to provide insight and guidance for every stage of an individual's relationship life. Our books Come Here, Go Away: How to Identify and Disengage From an Emotionally Unavailable Man, and Stitched Up, a Primer for Healing After Heartbreak, are available here

I also collaborate with wellness specialist and astrologer Stephanie Gailing. Together we've written an astrological parenting book that includes psychological insights as well as activities and wellness strategies based upon your child's sun sign. It's called Stellar Kids: Using Astrology to Harness Your Child's Potential and is available here.