As a licensed psychotherapist in private practice for over twenty years, I’ve guided countless clients on their quest towards living a happier and more authentic life.

I work with clients who are struggling with a range of different issues including depression, anxiety, relationships, sexual identity, parenting issues, self esteem, body image, and life transitions.

My goal as a therapist is never to judge or tell people what to do, but rather to help you find the answers within yourself. I strongly believe that discovering who you are deep down inside is the path to peace and happiness. Talk therapy is a powerful method for learning who you are and what's actually motivating your actions and feelings. 

Once you are more in touch with all parts of yourself —including the hopes, desires, and fears that you may have been overlooking—you will find that decisions and life choices will become easier to make and will be more true to who you are. My patients often express a sense of relief and renewed hope after our very first session.

Whether you are seeking individual or couples therapy, I’d love to talk with you about how our work together can help you to find a greater sense of comfort and authenticity in your own life. Write to me and let's discuss how I can help.